Why do we watch an anime?

Well, why do I? First, I love watching anime on how they make the stories and how they did the graphics and the video which is so realistic and everything. They seems really perfect to me. The kind of anime I watch is something like friendship, love, family, action, and comedy. For me, watching an anime made me feel happy and I get more excited watching the next episode. I like the way how they made the stories. Their imagination is so wild, so big, it’s like their taking me out to the universe. They make characters that I admire but really don’t exist in this world. Sometimes I want to be like them the characters that they’ve made. There’s a thing that why I really watch an anime, they given me hope, courage and strength and give colour to my life. Because there is a time that I was so very sad and I decided to watch an anime which I forgot the title, that anime made me realize that it’s not the end of the world or the end of everything. They’re telling me that no matter what situation I got in, there is always a solution. And that what makes me keep watching anime. Example of an anime I watch is Prince of Tennis.

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This anime is primarily set in Tokyo, and centers around Ryoma Echizen, a tennis prodigy who attends Seishun Academy (青春学園Seishun Gakuen?), or Seigaku (青学?) for short, a private school famous for its strong tennis club and talented players. Ryoma quickly defeats numerous upperclassmen shortly after entrance to secure himself a spot as one of the team’s regulars. In pursuit of their ultimate goal of winning the National Middle School Tennis Championship, members of the team make new friends while learning and mastering increasingly complex techniques. Ryoma also begins to develop his own style of tennis, and eventually realizes what the sport really means to him.

Ryoma is one of my favourite character, he doesn’t know when to give up. He is always think he is the best just being who he is and by playing tennis just how he wanted it to be. I like how Ryoma acts, he seems so cool and he’s a prodigy. I like what he says to his opponent he always said “Mada mada dane” which means “No, it’s not over yet”. It only proves that he never give up on his game whenever he says it and I like it.  I watch this anime until the end it’s so sad that it ended only 180+ episodes. It’s too short to watch but nevertheless I am glad that I watched this anime. I learned something to it. So go on and try watching anime maybe it will change your life or something in you.